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The Game of Life and How It Works

  • Thursday, January 12, 2017
  • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce, 15588 Aviation Loop, Brooksville, FL 34604


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The Game of Life and How It Works


It’s exciting to know that you have in you everything you need to succeed in life! We all possess the abilities to change our lives and create lives that we truly enjoy and want to live. We were given all the abilities, re­sources, and knowledge needed to crush those financial barriers and reach beyond the stars before we were even born! We were made to dream! We were made to LIVE! We were made to believe in all the possibilities, and better yet, we were all born with this amazing ability to succeed in life!


Kristie Ellison, certified life, business and dream coach, will provide time-proven methods on how to master fear, live a life by design, release control, live your higher self, master anxiety and self-worth, breakthrough those mental barriers, understand your results, and how to change it.


She will teach you how to dig deep down and find that inner you that is just waiting for the op­portunity to be a part of your life. She will do this by showing you how to let go of the limitations, release the how’s, why’s and uncertainties of life and business through proven methods from those who have done it time and time again prior to us.

These are exciting times for us all!  With every breath, we take in we are creating! Kristie’s question to you is “What kind of life do you want to live?”


As an entrepreneur and mother of 4, Kristie found herself in a position of desperation, frustration, and financial ruin after a divorce. While the burdens of motherhood began to take its tolls she found herself losing her zest for life. This set her on a mission to figure out how this hap­pened, how to change it, and even better how she could help others do the same.

Today, Kristie is a professional business and life coach, who has dedicated her life to helping others dream beyond limits and live life by design instead of a life by default.

Prior to starting her coaching business, Kristie was a stay-at-home mom, small business owner, certified health and fitness coach, and yes, a dream­er.

Kristie has now helped many design lives they love, dream beyond lim­its, become passionate about life again, break financial barriers, and live with purpose.


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